Simple Store – Social eCommerce Platform

Simple Store is an eCommerce website designed to enable businesses to reach their customer across a wide range of social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

Simple Store is engineered from the grown up to be Simple, Smart and Social and yet still deliver a secure robust ecommerce platform that is flexible and extendable to accommodate your business’ daily operational requirements.

The core features of Simple Store, is the integration with existing online services such as Saasu Accounting, Highrise CRM, Google Apps, Cart Connect for MYOB, Facebook & Twitter.

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Pallets Plus

Pallets Plus is a SaaS pallet management and tracking software designed for small to medium size businesses to track and manage pallets movement in their business.

It is specially designed to work in multi-site, multi-distribution businesses. It currently integrate with CHEP to report daily movements and run invoice reconciliation.

Pallets Plus is designed to work on many devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad.

For further details, visit Pallet Plus website.


FileQ is a cloud based secure file sharing and storage solution for businesses. It designed to allow business units to collaborate and organise their documents and digital assets easily and in a secure environment.

One of the biggest benefits of FileQ, is that you will never loose a file or any version of it. With Geo-Redundancy, you are assured availability 99.99% without the need to backup a single file.

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